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our team and our programs

180 Degrees Inc.
Chemical Dependency treatment center
 6-002 P. Sanchez St. Pagsabungan, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines 6014
Tel # : 09178861853;0323164381

Our team

Addiction recovery is founded on wisdom: The wisdom dispensed by the drug treatment program, its staff and on the wisdom digested by the drug treatment patients.

Our Executive program consultant Emmanuel V. Hernani, Certified Psychologist, Psychotherapist, member Adventure Therapy Intl. Committee, Guidance and personnel circle-Cebu Chapter, Psychological Association of the Philippines, Certified Anger management facilitator and is presently Dean of Student Affairs, Cebu Normal University. Mr. Hernani has been working in the field of addiction since 1997. Drug Rehab, Cebu Rehab, Drug abuse, Shabu abuse, alcohol rehab

Our Medical Director Buenaventura C. Ramos Jr., MD, University of the Philippines-Philippine Dept. of Medicine, Internal Medicine, Section of Medical Oncology, Mind Body Spirit Medicine, Center for Mind Body Medicine, Berkeley California, USA.
Dr. Buenaventura Ramos also heads our Mindfulness/awareness therapy.
Drug Rehab, Cebu Rehab, Drug abuse, Shabu abuse, alcohol rehab

Our Psycho-Spiritual educator, Mr. Ronnie Delos Santos is an MBA in Psychology, Congregation leader Church of Christ Talamban and Head executive officer of the Talamban Christian School heads our non-existential Psycho-spiritual group sessions..

Our Center Director, Mr. Kirk A. Gacasan, a major in management and has been in recovery since 1999 and has experience working in the addictions treatment field since 2002 is responsible for the overall program and supervises all operations and is in charge of the 12 Steps Program. Side by side with our Executive administrator, Mr. Alain Joseph Alino, DOH accredited aftercare facilitator, a media practitioner and a recovering drug addict who has been involved in helping drug dependents for 11 years. Drug Rehab, Cebu Rehab, Drug abuse, Shabu abuse, alcohol rehab

Our Senior Counselor and Resident Psychologist is Mr. Gomersendo V. Cabal Jr. He is a graduate from the University of Cebu and is an experienced substance abuse counselor/trainor/facilitator and also leads our trained treatment facilitators and Case Manager, Mr. Gil Yap, Mr. Jerome Capada, Mr. Manuel Granada Jr. and Mr. Brajin Pepito.
Drug Rehab, Cebu Rehab, Drug abuse, Shabu abuse, alcohol rehab

180 Degrees inc. uses a number of methods and techniques for the development, approval, monitoring and evaluation of services provided to clients and their families. For the most part, the Treatment Team serves as the group that makes non-medical treatment decisions regarding each client.

The program anchors on 12 Steps principles and to psychological modalities inclined on Humanistic-Existential traditions, hence our comprehensive program would address addiction recovery, psychological health, Physical heakth, healthy relationship functioning and among other things related to the person.

The Inpatient Program is a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week chemical dependency program. Length of stay is 6 months and/or based on the individual’s clinical need. The major components of treatment are:
-  Group/Individual Counselling
-  Addiction and Recovery Education
-  12-steps program
-  Family Therapy/Education
-  Psycho-Spirituality Group
-  Mindfulness awareness Therapy
-  Anger Management
-  Experiential group therapy: utilizes physical initiatives (tasks) to allow exploration of issues, such as trust, problem solving, self-confidence, interpersonal skills and decision making. The goals of this program are to increase self-awareness and behavioral change crucial to the recovery process
      * Adventure based Therapy
Intensive Outpatient Program offers patients in this level of care five sessions per week and upon completion of treatment plan goals, the ability to transition to four sessions/three sessions per week until all treatment goals have been met. 

Family Program Family is important to drug dependent, and the involvement of the family in treatment is important to us. Addiction breeds dysfunction in the entire family system, resulting in unhealthy patterns that must be addressed before you leave drug rehab. Because the dependent will eventually return to his or her daily life and relationships, it is essential that family dynamics change along with the dependent.
We establish contact with families upon admission, complete a family assessment, utilize family counseling as needed, and share continuing care plans with appropriate family members.

Multi- Family Therapy This program takes place every other weekend. This intensive program provides education, support and skill-building exercises for families of dependents. Family members and significant others are strongly encouraged to attend.

Continuing Care and Alumni Program This program which is offered at no cost, supports those who have finished our Intensive Inpatient Program and Intensive Outpatient Program. It focuses on relapse prevention by providing our graduates the important support they need to make the transition to a substance free lifestyle and successful return to the family, school, work and the community. Continuing Care also involves regular participation in a 12-step program and it consists of two 1 hour group session per week with a minimum of 18 months and for as long as necessary.

Drug Rehab, Cebu Rehab, Drug abuse, Shabu abuse, alcohol rehab

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